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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 7, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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we'll be seeing this plane tomorrow afternoon at moffitt field. it's a busy schedule of events for mr. obama cheryl hurd is on our presidential detail. she joins us from the walmart where he will be speaking on thursday. >> reporter: it is no coincidence that people are running around sprucing up this walmart store. it's not every day the president drops by your store. for some, this visit is a little surprising. on friday, president obama will come to this walmart store in mountain view to talk about the importance of energy efficiency. uc berkley's director is of a little surprised. >> they haven't been the stellar company on many issues. however, if they were to act. if they were to raise wages. if they were to really step up
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on climate change they could have an enormous influence on the economy. >> reporter: the retail giant imemploys 1.3 americans. on the record, walmart has been trying to let its customers know the company is working on saving energy. meanwhile, the president has been to silicon valley many times before to rub shoulders with tech company ceos but never to a big box store. on friday he will be shaking hands with about 100 walmart employees at this store. customers are excited. >> it's good that he's getting out here and seeing the citizens and interacting with everybody, at least setting his ideas and proposals out for us in person and willing to travel to see us. >> reporter: as opposed to being? >> you know, hiding in the white house. we've seen that before. people hiding in the white house. but, you know, with him getting out, it's good to see it.
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>> reporter: well, the folks you see here just can't stop talking about the president's visit. le touchdown at moffitt field tomorrow. he will be the guest of honor at two fund-raisers for the democratic national committee. one is an exclusive event in s losslo los altos. reporting live in mountain view, cheryl hurd. lot of excitement there in mountain view. more details on the president's 17th visit to the bay area. expect traffic near moffitt field. when air force one lands, 101 could be a little sluggish. from there, roads will be blocked off in los altos. on friday morning, roads might also be close around that mountain view walmart store. you can watch his arrival and
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departure and friday's speech at walmart all on our website. traffic is back to normal on a busy stretch of interstate 80. flames broke out in berkley shortly before 3:00 in the afternoon. that caused traffic to slow to a crawl. fire put out in less than 20 minutes but not before it roared through recycling bins. police are questioning two people as part of that investigation and let them go. an ongoing feud is behind a murder/suicide in the south bay. they say kevin mccarol and robert smith were long-time acquaintances. but they're not saying what that argument was b a neighbor says she heard screams and she called police. that's when bothed abouties were found inside mccarol's home. they are not looking for any other suspects. he's turning in his badge.
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the face of san jose's police department has had enough. the sergeant who is featured here on this recruiting poster blames city hall on the decision to leave. damian trujillo joins us. >> reporter: good evening. he would bring kids off the streets here and get them involved in sports. but tonight, he tells me he's had enough with the animosity coming out of city hall. he's worn it for 20 years. badge number 3134. but the sergeant decided it's time to turn it in. >> it's going to be tough. it's going to be tough. i earned my badge. i earned my stripes. i've earned everything that i've gotten here. it's going to be tough. >> reporter: he is hanging up his 20 years breaking down doors in san jose and wrestling with
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bad guys. the sergeant is moving to the atherton police department, hired, he says at the attacks from officers on city hall. >> my biggest issue is how the people feel about us now. how the people of this city feel about the police department now. and a lot of that came from the bashing, the constant bashing of us as officers. >> reporter: he's one of the faces of the department featured on several recruitment posters for a force he still loves but can't work for anymore. >> it's very difficult to see costs pending in the district and knowing you don't have resources. >> reporter: she saw first hand his community work. he's credited for helping save pals when dwindling budgets threatened its existence. >> he do a lot of things he changed the program a lot with all the kids, all the parents. >> reporter: he says he could stay in san jose and still make
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ends meet, but that would mean working overtime every week and not seeing his family as much. so he's turning in number 3134. >> this decision to leave, at this point, it's not a very difficult decision for me to make, considering the climate of what's going on between the city and our police department. >> reporter: new city manger took over in december. he told me last week he knows there's a huge rift, a lot of animosity between city hall and many of its employees. he says that's one of the main things he plans to fix. life in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. a mountain view neighborhood is getting back to normal after a surprise visit from a mountain lion. it fuel add lot of curiosity and fears. he was shot with a tranquilizer dart and is now back in the santa cruz mountains. because he was wearing a tracking collar, we know a lot about how he ended up in mountain view. we are live with the people who have been tracking these big
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cats, marianne? >> reporter: hi, jessica. well, because that mountain lion was wearing a special gps tracking collar experts say they know his every move, and they tell us that big cat was hanging out in mountain view for hours yesterday afternoon at several different homes. and they also say he visited other cities too. as his glowing eyes peeked out from under a vehicle in mountain view last night police had their weapons drawn. they weren't sure what the big cat found in an apartment complex parking lot would do next. after a nearly five hour standoff, they tranquilized the big cat and released him in the santa cruz mountains last night. >> where do they come from? how do they get to this area, really? because we're in the middle of people living around and stuff like that. that part is sad. the other part is everybody else is in danger of getting attacked by this animal.
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>> reporter: chris is with the santa cruz puma project. they put a tracking collar on him when they found him near big basin park. >> we collared him in january when he was still living with his mom. and he was about a year and a half and weighed about 93 pounds. then in april is when he left his mom and wandered around the santa cruz mountains for a couple weeks before he ended up in downtown mountain view. >> reporter: since the collar was placed on him, experts have tracked his every move. >> he crosses 280. goes into los altos and into mountain view. >> reporter: it showed the mountain lion hung out for several hours behind these bushes at a mountain view home, not far from where he was eventually found last night. he doesn't think he was looking for water, he believes the teenager took a wrong turn on
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his first solo journey without mom. right now the project is tracking 48 mountain lions in the santa cruz mountains. it's estimated that there are 5,000 mountain lions living in california. if you happen to see one when you're out hiking in the area, the best thing to do is make yourself look bigger, then shout, make a lot of noise and slowly back away from the big cat. reporting live in santa cruz, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. the hunt for that big cat led to a lot of activity on twitter. some of the many tweets were pretty funny. nancy wrote, our door's locked i have the alarm on. who knows how smart the silicon mountain lion is. one tweeted maybe he is wearing
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google glass. the technology that will warn if an earthquake is about to strike. when will this be available? and i'm jeff ranieri. sunny skies today. but check it out cloud cover increasing offshore. we're going to be tracking this and let you know if we will get any of that rain coming up in a few minutes. and where gay is not okay. the video game in trouble for refusing to allow gay characters. and the push to stop giving thieves the upper hand when it comes to cell phones. [doorbell rings]
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[doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of the game. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. this is turning out to be a very expensive year for tesla motors. today they reported a loss of almost $50 million. the reason, development costs went up. they are preparing to launch an electric suv next year. they're also expanding sales,
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service operations and planning to build a new battery factory by the year 2020. shares of tesla fell slightly today closing at $201 per share. a bileamed at making cell phones less attractive to thieves is coming up tomorrow. they are working on kill switch legislation after working with some of the biggest players in the cell phone industry. we are live where the idea has finally started to catch on at city hall. >> reporter: and it's needed, jessica. 2400 cell phones stolen last year in san francisco. an average of 200 a month. this year, the average is up to 400 a month. seems like everyone you talk to has a story about someone they know getting ripped off. >> this happened to me before. >> reporter: somebody stole your phone? >> oh, yeah. right off the kich be table, i mean the restaurant table.
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>> reporter: here on market street, vanessa colins sees people selling trel phones every day. >> all the time. >> reporter: you see it all the time. >> yeah. the days that i'm out here definitely. >> reporter: they say stopping the cell phone thefts is a matter of public safety. >> we're talking about individuals who are actually assaulted and injured and hurt and sent to the hospital. it could happen to anybody. >> reporter: so they are asking the city attorney to draft legislation that would mandate kill switches for all cell phones and tablets sold in san francisco. if the statewide bill passes that would be better for everybody. and tonight leno says he has reworked a bill that has a good shot at passing tomorrow. though he had to give some concessions. >> for example we are amending out tablets, so to will be specifically smartphones impacted by our legislation. >> reporter: he is also switching the implementation
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date from july to january. and apple is lifting its opposition. >> their competitors would be wise to follow them as quickly as possible. >> reporter: the supervisor suspects that the makers of cell phones and tablets have an economic incentive to oppose kill switches. >> just take the phones that were reported last year, 2400 phones and times that by $500. that's a lot of money. >> reporter: i called apple today they have no comment on the pending legislation, but leno say it is will be on the senate floor tomorrow. that's a pretty good indication that he has the votes. mark matthews, nbc bay area news. it's business as usual at san francisco general. shortly before 1:00 a person claimed she heard a shot fired and saw a suspect run from the building. police officers responded quickly, but they found nothing. >> there was no evidence that
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was located that there was a shooting that occurred, no shell casings. >> the hospital said it was investigating a loud noise. the all clear was given about one hour later. another first for stanford. the school has decided it will no longer invest in cole mining companies. it has an endo y endowment fund. a student group lobbied for the change to push for actions that will slow global warping. seems that other schools have pressed for similar action but stanford is the first major u.s. university to hake that commitment. let's bring in jeff ranieri with our micro climate forecast as we inch toward the big sunday. >> yes. mother's day that would be. we'll have that scrolling seven day, but it's really been about
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extreme changes across the bay area. colder this past weekend. great weather the past few days. now take a look. yes, if you have plans tomorrow, this could cause you a couple headaches. we're tracking a developing storm system in the pacific. we could see a small piece of that as we head into tomorrow. right now the doppler radar is clear. taking you outside, biggest thing now is the cloud cover has increased. we'll hold on to m some of the warmth. san francisco 61. and we're averaging 60 and partly sunny skies in the south bay. let's get a look at tomorrow's forecast. as we head throughout the day we are expecting not only cooler weather, but also, yes, the possibility of a few drops coming from that storm system offshore. not any kind of heavy rainfall, but maybe a little bit of shower activity for the north bay and
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67. areas of drizzle and fog for san francisco. and we'll likely just have some partly sunny to mostly cloudy skies for the south bay as well. but you'll have some of the warmest weather. we'll take you into the futurecast. we're mainly starting off with cloud cover. as we head throughout the day what you're going to notice is that cold front's going to get closer. we'll likely not see any chance of accumulating shower activity until about 4:00 in the afternoon. it looks good enough that we could see trace amounts to maybe about .005 of an inch. then as ran was alluding to, some awesome weather for saturday and sunday. we'll temperatures in the 70s. then by sunday, chose to 90 degrees. it looks by next week we're going to see more 90s, maybe
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even some triple digit heat. so another week for a little bit of everything. you should see my notes back there. it's all over the place sfwlmt that means you're working. >> roller coaster weather. the fantapntasy stale drafy that's a little too real. and dwoogle is working with the city to see how expansion would be possible.
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a teenager is hospitalized in critical condition tonight after leading police on a high opinion speed chase. just look at the car. officers say they spotted michael holden driving recklessly on 680 in concord last night. when they tried to pull him over he took off. he eventually lost control of the car. can you see it crashed and flipped over in danville. the car he was reported driving was reported stolen in walnut
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creek. mountain view is booming, but can the city handle it? up to 10,000 new employees. linked in is asking mountain view to allow it to grow its headquarters and develop a new property on shoreline boulevard. nbc bay area's kris sanchez is in the area this evening. >> reporter: this is about linked in trying to get ahead of the ball as they come up with a plan for development. as the economy improves and companies are looking to add more jobs. judging by the number of commuters in mountain view, the chi is improving, but while some folks find themselves stuck in traffic, diane sometimes finds herself stuck in her driveway. >> we live off shoreline and some mornings you can't even get out. >> reporter: it is home to
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googed and microsoft and perhaps soon more linked in employees. they want to expand their headquarters and develop a new property on shoreline. >> this is a very, very desirable area. >> reporter: mayor chris clark says linked in is weighing in as the city creates a development plan tor the north shore line area. the impact on the economy and environment and the 76,000 people who call mountain view home is being considered. >> we want to allow companies the option to expand and grow here in mountain view. we just need to do it in certain confines that preserve the quality of life here. >> reporter: traffic is one of the growing pains. recently the city moved forward to cap the number of cars that can come and go during peak hours. but that's a last resort. first they want to encourage companies to encourage shuttle ridership and car-pooling. >> it's a work in progress.
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they've got to come up with new ways, because right now it's pretty bad. >> reporter: but some folks say if more traffic means more jobs, then that is worth a little more time behind the wheel. >> traffic gets heavy and these people are working, that's okay. >> reporter: the city council will consider linked in's request at their may 27 meeting. they hope to have their comprehensive plan for development for the city coming up ready for a vote in december. in mountain view, kris sanchez, nbc bay area. >> the city will be busy looking at various options. they are also looking at whether the motorists should pay a toll on certain off ramps. the idea is to get people out of their cars. when i was playing, i just kind of put everything aside and focused on football. probably was the wrong thing to do. >> turning a regret into a potential success.
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joe montana playing for a new team. the startup he wants to lead to victory. also sweeping the internet, the global effort to save hundreds of abducted schoolgirls. what a bay area lawmaker wants to do to help bring them home. the work is on to bring earthquake technology to your cell phone.
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japan knew this massive earthquake was coming before it hit back in 2011. the country has the most advanced warning system in the world. and it can send out alerts seconds, times even minutes before the shaking begins. mexico also has a warning system. they had 71 minutes to duck and cover before the ground started roaring last month. they are trying to launch the same technology here. jodi hernandez shows us how it would work. >> earthquake, duck, cover, hold on. light shaking expected. >> reporter: you're looking at the type of cell phone alert you may get seconds before the next big one hits. >> you can get under a sturdy table. you have removed the of hazard of falling ceiling tiles and light fixtures. >> reporter: they want to have a shake alert system in
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california. they say $80 million is needed. >> if the state, if the federal government can come up with a source of funding we could implement it right away. everybody would have early warning in two years. >> reporter: several countries already have an early warning earthquake system in place, including japan. this mexico city newscast shows how mexico's alert system gave people critical seconds to brace for the 7.2 quake that struck thayer last month. >> in mexico city, what they do is they stop the metro trains so the people can get off the trains at the next station. the warning is pushed out to all users' cell phones, all kinds of devices so people can take the same actions to protect themself the. >> earthquake, earthquake! >> reporter: and now the move is on to get the system up and running in california before the ground starts shaking again. >> in a state like california that is so earthquake prone we need to have this as part of our
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overall culture. >> reporter: jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. it was a deadly crime that shocked san jose. and today some closure. a 20 year old man went as he heard the guilty verdict that will send him to prison for the rest of his life. he stabbed michael russell who was found dead in his back yard four years ago. police arrested two of his classmates from santa teresa high school. he was a sophomore at the time. he made a videotaped confession to the murder. satanism could have been a partial motive. references were found on the website of the other suspect, randy thompson. thompson's trial will be held later this year. an autopsy was performed on a real estate developer killed in a car crash. the vehicle tumbled 400 feet down an embankment. he was found dead inside. now he was facing federal and
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state fraud charges in connection with a sonoma county development. had he been convicted he faced the possibility of decades in prison. the family reported him missing on sunday. the website petaluma 360 says the law enforcement alert stated that he was a potential suicide risk. but his attorney is dismissing that claim. new video of the devastation from last week in the south. a security camera capturing this tornado in tupelo, mississippi, ripping through this preschool. you can see the damage to the playground and the trees simply torn apart. now today, before arriving in los angeles, president obama toured some of the devastation in arkansas. and promised federal help. last week's severe storms which brought tornados and severe flooding killed nearly three dozen people across the south and east coast. pressure is mounting to rescue nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in nigeria. a group of congress women called
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for global support and that included barbara lee of oakland. boko haram kidnapped the girls with the intention of selling them as sex slaves. >> the intimidation, the trafficking, the murders, we want this stopped today. these are crimes committed against humanity. >> the congresswoman is asking for a fund to be started for those victims. a possible olive wrarngs from president putin today. he has announced he's pulling his forces back from the ukrainian border, but at this point there's no evidence of him doing that. they want to delay a referendum that would split the eastern part of kraen into another separate republic. russian leaders say they are skeptical. the new face of the tech investment scene, and it's a
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familiar scene. joe montana is setting his sights on high tech. scott budman joins us with the exclusive interview. i'm guessing this is a big business move. >> reporter: absolutely. joe montana of course famous for the ability to make decisions under pressure. that's perfect for a quarterback and for an investor. one who's got his sights set on the tech industry. joe montana is a legend for what he did as a quarterback. but now he wants a new challenge. >> when i was playing, i had to kind of put everything aside and focus on football. and then probably was the wrong thing to do because i probably missed a lot of great opportunities. >> reporter: among the great opportunities, investing in tech companies, joining the likes of ashton kutcher and jada of smith, putting their future where the money is.
6:34 pm
he's getting the word out about san francisco's bloom that. it's one of several tech investments he's making. and he's got a strategy. >> to narrow it down is the hardest part. some of the things you do is you go with ideas that you like, people that you like. >> reporter: montana is known for coming through in the clutch. now he's got investors and employees hoping he's got more success up his sleeve. one thing he knows for sure, at least one product is already paying off -- flowers. >> brought my favorite one, the linden, the white one. so -- i'm in good now, when i go home. >> reporter: there you go. joe montana by the way, also tells us he's investing in a plan to put restaurants and a hotel here by levi stadium. reporting live in santa clara, scott budman, nbc bay area news. thank you scott. students at a southern
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california high school have come under fire for holding a nfl type draft for prom dates. the off the books activity has been happening for years, but now the principal is condemning the draft saying it objectifies the girls and judges them. this is how it works. male students buy and sell draft picks in order to select girls for prom dates. a twitter account has been deleted and one tweet wrote many on the prowl tomorrow for free agents, so dress nice, ladies. the gay rights fight heads into a virtual realm. the company under fire for saying no to equality. and drivers have a reason to complain about traffic which is notoriously horrific. but what about road safety? i'm sam brock. coming up in reality check we visit the claim that it's near the top of the list not just for congestion but for low and i'm jeff ranieri live in
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the weather center. we are tracking major changes as we head throughout tomorrow. check it off. rain on the radar off to the north. we'll have details on when that could be moving in on your full forecast. tillamook sharp cheddar is naturally-aged for nine months for that creamy delicious taste that makes even the most impatient, patient.
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dude! tillamook sharp cheddar, tastes better because it's made better.
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18 more years of the olympics. nbc universal was granted the broadcast rights through 2032. it's the longest agreement in
6:39 pm
history. it will cover various platforms. the deal worth $7.5 billion. the next summer games will be in rio de janeiro. and yes, that is our parent company, so we will be covering the olympics for you. a company says it will not allow players to be gay in an upcoming game. a japanese company facing pressure from around the world to add gay couples to its game. the game is supposed to mimic real life. players can go shopping, own homes and even get married. he claims by not allowing same sex partnerships, gamer also miss out. it is a big hit in japan selling nearly 2 million copies. look how cute. meet the red panda named after the sherpa who conducted sir
6:40 pm
edmund hillary to the top of the himalayas. his debut will be featured on animal planet's treehouse masters next month. a new habitat was constructed for him. isn't he cute? >> looks like he's enjoying his digs. i don't think i've ever seen anything like that. >> adorable. >> some of you probably aren't going to want to see what we have coming for tomorrow. it's a big-time change after today. after sunny skies and 70s. i'm gerard moncure. the giants and a's face tight ball games today. and with the dust settling on mark jackson's firing, a report on the top contender to replace him.
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south bay drivers are used to seeing heavy traffic on parkways and highways. the area is one of the worse in the country for congestion. one of the reasons why? more people are living and working in the south bay. and despite more cars on the road, city officials say san jose has never been safer for driving. in tonight's reality check, sam brock goes behind the numbers to fact check that claim. >> it sounds counter intuitive. san jose has a rising population in traffic that is rising by the day. fatalities are lower than nearly any other big city? san jose is the second safest big city for drivers in america. that's the claim for the capital of silicon valley.
6:44 pm
some of the lowest injury crash rates and fatality rates around. >> they wanted to make san jose one of the safest cities in the country. >> reporter: he joined the transportation department and ran it for seven years. he says a series of measures started decades ago, are paying dividends now. >> if you continue to focus on those areas with the highest degree of risk, and if you can continue to lower the crash rates, injury crash rates at those locations, you're going to continue to have a positive record. >> now the city of san jose says they're going all out in their effort to try to make the streets safer. they're not the only ones getting involved. local neighborhood groups are also getting in, going so far to
6:45 pm
put these flags up to let motorists know when you're crossing the street. are measures like that actually bringing accident rates down? the answer is yes. you'll see this report contains a crash rate graphic showing the number of people injured in crashes represented by those rid bars has dipped by more than 60% in the last two decades. while the federal government doesn't break down those numbers for big cities, the feds do keep records of fatalities by city. and despite a string of deaths like this one involving a 17 year old driver, the reality is these kinds of incidents are relatively rare here compared to other places. of the largest cities in the u.s. only new york has a lower fatality rate of 3.2 people than san jose's rate. the transportation director says
6:46 pm
there's still much ram for improvement. >> we're extremely concerned that this last year we had more fatalities on our streets than the year before. and that is something that other cities like san francisco and new york city have also experienced. >> and san jose says between vehicles, bikes and pedestrians, 43 people died in 2013. that is up 30 from the year before. authorities are attributing it to drunk and distracted driving. they are still doing a better job in nearly all of their big city counterparts. back to you. good information. thanks. they were once on the verge of extinction, but now they're making a big come back. three peregrine chicks nesting on the 33rd floor of a high rise. they got their leg bands today.
6:47 pm
he did the very delicate work over the parents' objections. california has about 300 pairs of the peregrine falcons, which is a huge improvement. they seem to like the bay area. >> lots of food for them to eat. and from their perspective, we have put up very nice cliffs for them to live on. and we clearly support a robust food source. >> food and our views is what they love. in about three weeks, the falcons will start flying. can you watch them on the pg&e website. >> they look like three giant cotton balls. they're so cute. and food and the views. just like humans. they hike tlike the things we l about the bay area.
6:48 pm
>> not sure how they're going to feel about a little shower activity. that is the big change as we head for tomorrow's forecast. it is completely dry across the bay area but just off to the north and west we are tracking a batch of showers getting close to eureka. what you're going to see as we activate the computer and get a sense of the rainfall amounts, it's not very great. we're only tracking maybe a tenth of an inch. we're not looking at a major storm, but something that could get, yes, the rad ways wet. hopefully you have the wipers changed down and they actually work. the sun is starting to set and fade. we have the cloud cover moving in right now drops to 65 here in the north bay. over the past half hour we've seen about a 5 degree drop in temperatures. you've got the best view across the bay area at this hour.
6:49 pm
you know i was in the valley yesterday. it's one of my favorite spots across the south bay. let's take you into the forecast as we head throughout tomorrow. and the biggest thing statistically that we don't average too much in may is actually a storm system that's brought enough to bring us some rainfall. you can see the cold front is still well out in the pacific. but as that continues to get closer throughout tomorrow, the key thing is it starts to break up. as that sweeps across the bay, we'll get cloudy conditions in the morning hours. temperatures dropping 3 to 7 degrees. by the afternoon we'll likely have a mix of sun coming in but the cloud cover staying put. the primary thing at this point is some areas of drizzle. what you're going to see here is at 6:00. as we advance this throughout the day you'll notice a little shower activity developing offshore at about 10:00. possibly a little drizzle, but it's really not until the late morning hours and also in the
6:50 pm
afternoon you can see this green staying very persistent. i don't see we're going to get very heavy accumulations. but it's just in the lower atmosphere that we might have some spotty drizzle or showers. it's going to be light, trace amounts to about .05 of an inch. the biggest thing you will be impacted by is the fact that we won't have as much sunshine and the temperatures are also going to be colder. from mid to upper 70s across parts of the south bay, 68 in morgan hill. you're going to feel a little bit of that chill. and 64 in san mateo and we'll have a chance of drizzle, possibly isolated showers in san francisco where we could even have for that daytime high, 59 degrees across the marina. you'll also see it across the north bay, east bay and tri valley. and for the tri valley, danvi e
6:51 pm
danvill danville, 68. saturday, the kids get ready for mother's day. they give you breakfast in bed. by sunday, when you do breakfast, lunch and dinner for mom wherever she wants it, you have an awesome forecast. they worked hard for many years. so i've worked hard on this forecast. >> jeff knows how to deliver for mother's day. he really comes to the table with a good forecast for all the moms out there because jeff loves his mom. >> i still need to send her a card. >> let's bring in gerard moncure. yesterday was all about why the warriors fired mark jackson. today, his side of the story. >> while mark jackson's seat on the warriors' bench is still warm, they are already focusing on kerr as the next head coach. the warriors reached out to kerr
6:52 pm
just three hours after firing jackson. and the job is basically his if he wants it. meanwhile, jackson let his views on his dismissal be known for the first time today on the dan patrick show. >> i was respectful to everybody. i played the game. i stood in front of podiums. i handled myself in a way that an organization would be proud. i played the game, the question is, whose game. at the end of the day we both walk into the meeting. and we both were frustrated. that's the crazy thing. nothing was leaked on my side because i felt the same way and i had issues. i'm not sure it's the best thing for me going into that office, my mind was made up. whether i was going or staying. >> the 2014 bay area sports hall of fame banquet taking place. tony la russa, and exgiants
6:53 pm
owner and former shark olynn noland. >> just being part of something like this is a great honor. >> just, it's a little overwhelming, but it's nice. it's great. >> let's talk giants. brandon belt flexing his power again. first pitch hacked and that's all. on the way to center field. 1-0 giants. in the bottom half of the frame, game now tied at one apiece. the double to left. mccutchen. travis snider base hit to right. pirates go on to a 4-3 win. game one of today's doubleheader for the a's, hernandez is
6:54 pm
pitching for seattle. brandon unloads off the center field wall. a's take a 4-3 lead. hernandez, by the way, pitching for the first time more than six innings, not recording strikeouts. it's knocked down but saunders scores. longest losing streak since 2007. colin kaepernick expressing relief after yesterday's release of 911 calls where kaepernick was named saying i'm glad the truth is getting out and i look forward to this matter being resolved. finally, richard sherman can simply let his money do all the talking. the expressive sherman signed a four year, $57 million contract extension making him the highest paid corner in the nfl.
6:55 pm
40 million of that is guaranteed. he wrote i would like to thank paul allen for anteing up. i think that was a unique way for thanking the owner for giving you a hefty raise.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00, text to 911. there's a new wray to actually send for help in an emergency. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:58 pm
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7:00 pm
three star weddings, breaking couple news on clooney, kim, and charlize now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪"extra" "extra" ♪ a celebrity race to the altar. julia on george's marriage plans. >> he is happy and that's what matters to me. >> are charlize and sean fasttracking their nuptials. >> mum's the word. >> miley slams the overdose rumors. >> i didn't have a drug overdose. >> the real story behind the emergency medical scare. >> will and jada on the controversial photo of their 13-year-old daughter in bed with a shirtless 20-year-old guy. then sarah palin going rogue again. >> not only would i dunk them


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